Preparing for Our Pledge Drive

It’s almost time to start the annual pledge drive. Over the next two weeks the Stewardship Committee will be sharing information about how the budget is decided, how we manage our shared resources, and how your pledge is critical to supporting our community.

We’re launching this drive at the same time we’re conducting the first phase of our capital campaign for a new building. Please plan to attend a special Coffee Chat focused on these drives following the service on September 8.  

How the Annual Budget is Decided 
Every summer, the members of the Finance Committee put together a proposed budget for the following year. They combine input from staff and committee chairs with historical data to estimate future expenses and income. The goal for the pledge drive is to guarantee enough funding to achieve the operational objectives put forth in the budget. 

Income and Expenses
Our income is pretty straightforward: the vast majority of revenue comes from pledged donations (86%), and the remainder comes from fundraisers (6%), renting out our building (4%), and other plate collections (4%). As you can see, your pledge donations are absolutely critical! Last year the Finance Committee projected that 2019 expenses would add up to $220,000. Where does that money go? Most of the funds are used to compensate our incredible staff. The next significant amount is allocated to maintaining our building. Funds also go to paying for other aspects of our worship services, supplies for the Religious Exploration program, administrative expenses, and various committee and team activities.  

Planning for Next Year 
The Finance Committee has begun to put together the 2020 budget. After the pledge campaign ends, they’ll know how much to expect in pledge income next year, and the budget will be finalized to include this information.  The annual pledge campaign kick-off is September 8 and it will run for three weeks. During that time you will have the opportunity to hear about our priorities for 2020, and a pledge form will be available so that you can make a financial commitment to the congregation.  Next week we will talk about ways to decide on the amount of your annual pledge.

If you have any questions the budget and pledging process, please reach out to any of the Stewardship Committee members: Bev Lawson, Jillian Ehrenberg, Dan Forbush, Cynthia Eletto, and Elaine Greeley.