Results of Communications Survey

The Communications Team (Jillian Ehrenberg, Reverend Joe, Richard Wilkinson, Mike Egerman, Janice Wold, and Dan Forbush) has been exploring ways to improve the way we communicate as a congregation, closely examining the entire array of our interactions and “rewiring” so as to become better informed as a group. Seventy-one members participated in our recent survey, a great response we very much appreciate.

Here’s a summary of what we heard: 

  • Slightly more than half the congregation feels very well informed and slightly less than half say they feel somewhat well informed. No one said they feel poorly informed. 
  • Nine out of ten said they want to read weekly announcements in their email, while another third said they want to read them on our web site. 
  • Nearly half said they always read our weekly announcements and another third say they usually read it. Ten percent said they sometimes print it. 
  • More than half said they consider photos in the weekly newsletter to be a low priority while 40 percent said it should be a medium priority. 
  • Just over half said they’re OK with the amount of time we devote to reading announcements at Sunday services, while 30 percent said they’d like to hear fewer announcements. 
  • Ninety-one percent said they use a smartphone, but only one in five said they want to read weekly announcements on an app. 
  • Sixty percent said they use Facebook. 

Here’s what members most want to read about, ranked in order of importance: events, Board actions, a preview of the next Sunday’s worship service, general announcements, minister’s reports, news about members, descriptions of Sunday services two and three weeks out, care-team bulletins, committee and team reports, event recaps, and UUA headlines.