Rev. Thomas Mikelson: A Multicolored Ministry

By Judith Thomas, Director of Music

In the two years I served as Director of Music under Rev. Thomas Mikelson, I observed that, like a true Renaissance man, Thomas had a kaleidoscopic view of life. The scope and breadth of his interests and knowledge embraced an enviable span. He loved words and used them artistically and creatively in his original poetry and, most beautifully, in the texts of two of our hymns. In his sermons he addressed all of humanity with words of beauty and love. His expressive photographs of members of his family and of people from all over the world were classic and memorable. His love of nature was well documented. He was a skilled drummer who collected a variety of drums from many cultures. And through all his time of study and ministry, he had years of musical training and, to our delight, a resonant and lovely baritone voice.

All this made him a most valuable musical resource when our choir presented an excerpt of the Menotti one-act opera, “Amahl and the Night Visitors” in December 2013. We drew it to a close at about the halfway point, intending to complete it the following winter but not managing to do so until late last year. If you’d like to see Thomas in his role and robes as King Melchior in our production of the first half of “Amahl,” please visit

We are delightfully grateful that Rev. Thomas drank deeply from the cup of life. I believe that mindfully-aware souls like his stay with us throughout time as examples of how to be in this world. May his memory be a blessing.