A Sermon on the Threshold

When Rev. Thomas J.S. Mikelson, who died a couple weeks ago due to complications of the coronavirus, delivered his last sermon to our congregation, he was trying to help us recognize the moment that we were in.  That moment was a moment of transition and change.  The congregation had voted to call me as their—your—minister.  But I wasn’t there yet.  It was a moment of possibility and even some anxiety.  A moment of hope.  A threshold moment.

Rev. Thomas preached to this congregation in 2014: “As you move ahead with Reverend Joe, eager to travel together roads you have not taken before, roads that can be challenging, there is no goal that will support your life together more than a spiritual power that will bring you close together in a loving extended family.  There is nothing greater.”

The threshold moment we occupy now because of the pandemic is of a different scale than a mere transition in ministry.  But I invite you to listen (again) to what Thomas said about a threshold moment.  He still has things to teach us, I think.  He has hope and joy and love still to share.  Please share with me and each other the new resonances, the new insight that comes to you now after listening again to Thomas’s voice.  

We give thanks, again, for Rev. Thomas Mikelson’s ministry with us.  Let the road we take be alive with his memory.
You can listen to Rev. Thomas’s sermon “The Road Not Taken … Yet” here: https://uusaratoga.org/sermons/the-road-not-taken-yet/

For more information on Rev. Mikelson and his time with us at UUCSS, please go to “Remembering Rev. Thomas J.S. Mikelson”

Rev. Joe