Sad News

Pat Goodale died Thursday morning at Saratoga Hospital.  She was facing many health challenges and perhaps it all got to be too much.  She died peacefully and quickly, but unexpectedly.  She was deeply involved in the life of the congregation and her loss will be difficult for many of us.  Our love goes out to her husband Bruce Goodale and to their children.  Pat and Bruce spent 53 years together and this is a shocking loss. Bruce’s son and daughter are with him and he is connected to family.  

There are no plans at the moment for a memorial service, and it might be postponed until people can gather more freely.  The family is still reflecting on what appropriate memorial gifts might be.  When we know more we will pass that information on.

A loss under our present conditions feels even more difficult to navigate.  Despite the need for physical distance, may we re-affirm the ways we remain connected to each other.  

There is a love holding Bruce.  There is a love holding Pat.  There is a love holding us all.  May we find rest and peace in that love.

Rev. Joe