A Follow-up to Our Successful “Single-Payer” Event

Our Single-Payer Forum at the United Unitarian Congregation in Saratoga Springs on Sunday, Oct. 13 was well attended and went very well. There was a discussion of the NY Health Act, its benefits and concerns and ways to help promote it.  

Our next Single-Payer forum will be in November.

On Oct. 2, there was an organizing call by the NY Health Campaign (nyhcampaign.org). The call discussed actions, including Regional Public Hearings on the NY Health Act. The first regional hearing took place in Rochester on October 10. I will forward information on this in a separate email.

There will also be a Public Hearing in Hudson Valley, the date to be announced.

The link to the call’s agenda follows; it has links to activist tools and new resources that might be useful. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c3R2nvPSUPniepZ8G-rwXOvbcMmiuTwCFwv9nvZvrbg/edit

The feeling from the call is that if there is enough grassroots activity the NY Health Act can be passed in the next legislative session which begins in January 2020.  We all need to keep pressure on our Assembly and NY State Senate’s representatives and continue to educate the public on the benefits of the NY Health Act.

Sergia Coffey
New York Health Campaign