Send in Pictures of Flowers and Gardens!

Our worship service on Sunday, June 14, will be our annual “Flower Communion” service.  This year, of course, we’ll be doing it online.

Instead of bringing a flower to the service, the Worship Team asks that you send a photo of a flower, flowers, or a garden to us!  And we’ll assemble them into a collage and slide show.  Please email your pictures to Pam Collins at collinpj (at) midtel (dot) net, and put “Flowers” in the subject line.

Send in Your Voice!
Singing together is one of the things that we’re missing most from our worship services since we shifted them online.  So I’m asking you to send me your voice!  I’ve made reference tracks of a couple well-loved hymns.  Listen to the reference recording using headphones.  Then record yourself using a voice memo or voice recorder app on your smartphone or computer.  The recording needs to be of just your voice (or guitar or percussion or whatever) so use headphones!  Then send an mp3 or m4a file to Rev. Joe at RevJoeUUCSS (at) gmail (dot) com.  

Links to reference recordings below:
Here’s Blue Boat Home
Spirit of Life