Shelters of Saratoga Needs Your Help!

How do you quarantine at home when you have no home? This is the question the folks at Shelters of Saratoga face every day during this pandemic.  They are doing all they can to comply with physical distancing and good hygiene practices with their guests. They have a plan to meet this crisis but they are trying to raise $150,000 by April 15th to implement their plan.  The plan includes the following:

.  Purchase cleaning supplies, hand soap and hand sanitizer
.  Outfit 8 motel rooms for proper social distancing of non-symptomatic individuals
.  Outfit the newly leased Saratoga Senior Center with cleaning supplies and protective gear, which are vital to creating a hygienic environment to lessen the spread of the virus if one of the guests or staff becomes ill
.  Keep frontline staff who are working extra hours and extra hard safe and paid during this crisis
.  Increase their access to increasingly scarce food sources through bulk purchases

Their doors must remain open and you can help by contributing to
Shelters of Saratoga, 14 Walworth St., Saratoga Springs, 12866