Special Message from Our Director of Music

Dear Congregation,

I hope you have been as grateful as I have been, for the musical commitment the volunteer members of our Saratoga Springs UU Choir have provided this 2018-2019 season! This good humored, musical core of about 16 regulars come to Thursday rehearsals from 7 to 8:30 pm weekly, and sing gloriously with great sound and heart two Sundays a month throughout the year, with special services developed for the Doane Stuart service in Rensselaer at our yearly area “come-together” in the spring and more. Some are “seasonal” members who winter elsewhere but fly back to us. The common bond is they all love music and are truly dedicated to keeping strongly running through the weave of our Sunday services and more.

Wouldn’t you love to add your soul and vocal heft to this gemutlich group who enjoy good laughter during the rehearsals and musical and social camaraderie. We are especially in need of some basses but will also welcome sopranos, altos and tenors! (When the congregation sings together (as in the White Coral Bells canon of yore) I HEAR lovely men’s voices and want to lasso you in.)

Here’s how you do it: — please e-mail or phone me that you are coming some Thursday (in the fall or earlier if you have questions): Judith Thomas, Music Director; judithathomas@mac.com — 518 306 6203. I will e-mail you a schedule of fall singing Sundays. (Even if you have conflicts, these are allowed from time to time and everyone knows to just make sure I’m informed of your schedule so we can plan accordingly) Try us on and see if you enjoy yourself making music with us to the Source — No Nobis Domine. You will be warmly welcomed into the singing fold when the choir resumes Sept. 8 for the Water Communion. We have some special holiday music planned which I will be keeping you aware of as we go along.

Best to all!  
Musically, Judith Thomas, Music Director