Only 5 Weeks To Go Until The UUCSS Plant Fair!

Our yearly UU plant sale fundraiser is Saturday, May 22 from 10 to 1 and Sunday, May 23 from 12 to 3, just FIVE WEEKS away!  Julie shared her joy that the first tomato plants growing in Art’s and her basement have peaked up through the soil in their little pots.  And the hoop house, to which the plants will be moved when they are bigger and can live outside, has been erected.  Herbs, annual flowers and other veggies are in various stages of planting and growing in preparation for their appearances at the sale.  And flower gardeners are busy dividing and potting.  What a flurry of activity!

We still have some needs in order to accomplish everything required for the sale.  And we have some suggestions for those donating perennials.

Tomatoes, other vegetables, herbs, and annual flowers:
1.  More help with various tasks (planting, transplanting, transporting, selling, hanging signs, etc) is needed.  Please contact Bill Boehmke if you can help with preparations and/or on sale days.  If you plan to help on the sale days, it is preferable that we know ahead of time (as opposed to just showing up )  so we can plan accordingly and assign tasks.

2.  We still need tents, sun umbrellas, canopies or similar coverings to protect the tender plants from too much sun or from rain should it decide to do so on our sale days.  Please contact Bill Boehmke if you can provide something. Bill Boehmke 518 368-5041 or

1.  Since we have had an unusually warm spring and plants have grown bigger than normal for this time of year, please start dividing and potting your plants now to avoid damage to the leaves as they get bigger and to give the plants a time to adjust, fill out in the pots, and look attractive.

2.  If you have pots of any size to donate, you may leave them in the playground area of the Meetinghouse.  If you need pots take what you need from the playground, but no more than you need.  We want to be sure there are pots for everyone who needs them.

3.  If you are planning to donate perennials, let Elizabeth Collins know what you are planning to provide.

4.  If you are looking for particular plants, let Tari Lee Sykes know by May 7th at the latest, what it is that you want.  We will try to provide them.  But understand, we may not have the plants you want.  We will do our best though to find them.

Remember this is a congregational fundraiser to benefit our UUCSS.  We are encouraging all of you to participate in whatever way you can, be it big or small.  Many hands make light work, so they say.