Summary of Board Meeting Held on October 7

The Board met on Monday evening, October 7, and welcomed Sue Bender Wilkinson, who is the Chair of the Capital Campaign.  Most of the meeting was an update of the Campaign’s status as of 10/7 for the Foundation phase, for the purchase of property.  

At that time, $151,000 had been pledged with just over 50% participation rate.  

Sue and the Board agreed that this suggests caution as we move forward with land purchase and the remaining phases of the capital campaign.  

In addition, it appears that the cost of actual building continues to rise in Saratoga, as the demand for contractors and construction is in high demand.  

Sue has been in touch with Liz Coit, our UUA consultant, concerning the need for a division of labor in continuing tasks that will be required as we move ahead, as well as a timeline for completing those tasks.

Lastly, we are all encouraged to attend the Creating The Future Weekend on November 16th.

It will be held at the Methodist Church on Henning from 9:30 to 12:30 PM with childcare and lunch provided.  This will be led by facilitators from our congregation in order to focus on the important role this church plays in the lives of our congregants. The information collected will be valuable in determining our future.

 Eventually, a feasibility study will possibly be approved in order to determine our future goals, as well as our ability to reach them.  

Julie Holmberg, President of the Board of Trustees