Thank you, Gregg Pratt!

by Pam Collins, Board President

When I was at Albany UU, we used to give out a yearly “Unsung Hero Award.”  As you might imagine, we never lacked for candidates that deserved recognition; if anything, we struggled to choose just one person each year.  There are varying opinions on the use of such “awards” (consider all the folks whose feelings might be hurt) so I’m glad we haven’t adopted the practice, but it is important, nevertheless, to call attention to the folks who work so hard to keep UUCSS viable and strong — especially those who are not all that visible to the congregation on a regular basis.  So here I am to honor and thank Gregg Pratt who has served on the Personnel Committee for ten years and who is now taking a much-deserved break from that job.  

I asked Gregg if there was anything about the job he would want to share with the congregation and, true to form for Gregg, he came through swimmingly.  So, in his own words…

“The mission of the Personnel Committee is to “oversee matters pertaining to the paid staff of UUCSS” specifically hiring, recommending compensation and benefits, and evaluating staff.  This is certainly not a responsibility I have attempted to meet alone.  Working with me for last six years, I have been ably assisted by Murray Penney, Ann Samuelson, and Rosemary Ratcliff.  Serving on the committee for a total of ten years, first as part of my duties as vice president of the congregation, then as a committee member, and then the chair of the committee I have worked with six presidents, three ministers and four RE’s.  Assisting the minister in hiring staff, working with the Finance Committee and the Board to fairly compensate those people we employ, and developing policies has been a meaningful and enriching experience.  This behind the scenes work has given me the opportunity to contribute to the congregation in the low keyed way with which I am comfortable.”

Gregg may have seen the job as “low keyed” but his performance was anything but.  His advice and support was always timely, solid and on the money.  Ten years is a long time to devote to something.  It shows commitment and fortitude, but it also results in knowing the job pretty thoroughly which Gregg certainly did.  It’s always hard to know how to thank someone for that kind of commitment isn’t it?

So now we have the task of filling the position of Personnel Committee Chair.  I won’t say “filling Gregg’s shoes” because that might be too daunting…and not entirely necessary.  I think we all recognize that a new person may well have things to learn…that’s the nature of the cycles of life.  But I think the best way to thank Gregg for his service is for someone to step up and relieve him, continue to support a position that is critical to the effective functioning of the church and which was obviously important to Gregg.

So, who will be the goose that takes the lead while Gregg takes a much- deserved rest?

If you are interested in serving UUCSS as Personnel Committee Chair, you can contact Rev. Joe, myself, or any member of the Board.