Members Are Urged to Attend the Annual Meeting This Sunday

At its December meeting on December 4, the Board of Trustees focused on fine-tuning the 2020 budget to be voted on Sunday, December 15, along with the revised bylaws (see “Bylaws Changes and 2020 Budget” for more information) at the congregation’s Annual Meeting following this Sunday’s worship service. 

“Offering a budget that will be substantially less than our budget in 2019, we’ve done our best to be fiscally responsible,” said Board President Julie Holmberg.

“There will be one high-priority increase as recommended by the Personnel Committee,” Holmberg noted. “Recognizing Janice Wold’s expanding responsibilities in such areas as budget and web management and production of Journey Well, the Board voted to adjust her compensation so it approaches UUA guidelines for the position of Congregational Administrator.” 

A new slate of officers will step into roles and terms newly defined by the revised bylaws that will go into effect January 1. Assuming these changes are voted by the congregation at the Annual Meeting, here’s what will happen: 

Remaining on the Board as Past-President, Holmberg will hand the gavel to Pam Collins, who will serve a one-year term as President and then an additional year as Past-President. 

Laurie Singer will step in as Vice President/President-Elect. She will embark on a three-year assignment that will include one-year terms as President and Past-President.

Mike Goodwin, who already has served for a year on the Board,  will continue as Treasurer in a two-year term. 

Judy Halstead, who took on the role of Secretary earlier this year when Susan Bender was named chair of the Capital Campaign, will continue as Secretary in a three-year term. 

As the new bylaws go into effect, there will now be two trustees serving the congregation in an At Large capacity.  This year’s nominees are Mark Frizzell and Chris Kus, who are both currently on the Board.