Our ‘UUnmask the Goods’ Online Auction is Fast Approaching!

Update 10/22/20:
Our online goods and services auction, UUnmask the Goods, is fast approaching.

Items will be online from October 30th to November 7th for viewing and bidding by members, friends, and the community.  The auction is being advertised on Facebook and in several of the small local papers. You can help increase participation in the auction by inviting your neighbors, friends and relatives to the auction. The more people participating, the better the chances of a successful event.

On Saturday evening November 7th there will be a zoom auction for our members and friends only.  The Auction committee will select some of the donated items to be auctioned off that night.  These items will likely include services that you would be more comfortable offering to people you know than to the general public.  Examples might include shoveling snow, raking leaves, running errands, providing a taxi service, offering a boating or camping experience, teaching a zoom class

We still need more items to make this event successful.  We are accepting goods and services.  Some of the items we have received include artwork, jewelry, a stay overnight at a camp in the Adirondacks, a boat ride on Lake George, a vintage desk chair, and crystal glasses.  Please donate something if possible.  This is the last week to donate.   All items need to be submitted by Sunday October 25th.

To donate a good or service go to http://bit.ly/UUnmasked2020 which will take you to the auction.  Then click on Donate! and fill out the form.  You can attach a photo of your offering.  If you need help with any part of the process, we have a group of techies from the church who will be happy to assist you.  Please let Bev Lawson know and she can set you up with assistance.

The address http.//bit.ly/UUnmasked2020 is also the link to share to encourage others to take part in the auction.

Please help with this important fund raiser.  Donate something!  Bid on something!  Invite others outside the church to participate!  This fund raiser will benefit our entire congregation. Join in and make it a success in both funds and fun!

Thank you.


Update 10/15/20:
Our on-line goods and services auction, open to the public, will take place from Friday, October 30th through Saturday, November 7th, followed by the evening of November 7th with an hour long zoom auction for our congregation only emceed by our own auctioneer extraordinaire, Peter Marino. PLEASE SHARE THE AUCTION LINK BELOW WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES.  WE NEED TO EXPAND OUR BIDDER BASE!!!

To date donations have included crystal glasses (2 sets of eight), tickets to a Red Sox game, an ergonomic rake, a mirror, a painting of the midwest, among others; but our inventory is still very small. We are asking each of you to consider donating an item or a service for the auction. The list of possibilities for items includes, but is not limited to furniture, antiques, jewelry, gift baskets, craft items, among others. Services might include errand running, gardening, snow shoveling, taxi service, leading a hike, offering a zoom class, a weekend camp retreat, computer assistance. Or you might have some other intriguing ideas. 

If you are unsure that your idea would be acceptable, feel free to discuss it with Bev Lawson.  Intimate services such as massage will not be acceptable due to the coronavirus. From items and service submitted for auction, the fundraising committee will select those that will be offered for the zoom auction available only for our congregation. Once you submit your forms, you are not able to edit what you sent.  However, the committee can edit for you if you let one of us know what it is that you need changed.  It is also helpful to put a minimum bid on your item to give bidders an idea about a reasonable price range within which to start the bidding.

TO DONATE AN ITEM OR SERVICE, click on this link http://bit.ly/UUnmasked2020. This will take you to our online auction site. Look for the word “Donate!” at the top of the window and click on that.  Then you’ll see a form asking details about the item or service you are donating. Fill that out and then click on the blue bar at the bottom of the form, ”Continue to Item Images.” You can upload one or more pictures of the item or service you are donating. After that, you’ll be taken to a form that asks for your name. And that’s it!  Go to http://bit.ly/UUnmasked2020

We have a small committee of volunteer church members who are more computer savvy than most of us. If you have trouble submitting the information or need assistance with sending a photo, please contact Bev Lawson and she will connect you with one of these volunteers for assistance accomplishing the task.

The fundraising committee is excited about this event. We have already reached out and asked a few businesses in the community that support social justice work to donate something for the auction. The auction, however, will only be successful with our members donating goods and services. Be creative; think big; you will discover something you can give or do to make our fundraiser a success!!  

The Fundraising Committee
Bev Lawson, Cynthia Eletto, Rev Joe, Jeff Ehrenberg, Peter Marino