Web Camps — Coming Soon

Update: 6/23/20
by Nikki Williams and Pam Collins

We’re happy to report that to date, we have five Web Camps ready to be offered!  We hope to wrap up all the details and get them published in Friday’s Journey Well so stay tuned.  

We’re still missing a Social BUUBBle group, so if you are inclined to make an offering, please get in touch with either Nikki or Pam.  Remember, you do not have to have your own Zoom account to lead a group.  

Original post:

A rabbi, a Buddhist monk and a UU minister social distance together at a table in an outdoor cafe.  They’re discussing how to keep their flock connected without face-to-face opportunities.  The rabbi, speaking through his mask, says, “on-line study groups of course.”
The monk contemplates a meditation channel on YouTube.  The UU minister proclaims, “we will have something for everyone!  We’ll create Zoom groups of three types:  Study Circles, Soul Matters discussions, and Social BUUbles.  People can learn something new, explore various themes as they relate to UUism, or just chat with friends.”

The monk looks thoughtfully at the UU minister, a slight smile wrinkling the corners of his eyes.  “Truly, you delight in doing the hard thing…”


Maybe so, but that’s what we hope to do at UUCSS.  Starting in July, we will offer the three kinds of groups mentioned above.

Study Circles will be offered by congregants who have an area of interest or expertise around which they will provide materials for discussion.  Soul Matters groups will work with the thematic materials offered by UUA for each month, and Social BUUbles…well, we’ll see what kinds of “containers” the hosts of these groups offer.

We will begin with two groups in each category, each meeting twice per month for three months, the expectation being that participants will commit to faithfully attending the six meetings in order to strengthen the connections with the others in the group and fulfill a meaningful exploration of the topic(s) at hand.

In order to get this rolling, we’re going to need some folks who are willing to be developers/“conveners”/hosts of the various groups.  Perhaps you have an interest or area of expertise that you’d like to share with others and guide them in an exploration of your topic.  Or maybe you enjoy the Soul Matters thematic material and would enjoy discussing the themes and related questions with a group.  Or finally, maybe you’d just like to have a social gathering — like having a recurring party with a fixed guest list.

If one of these formats peaks your interest, know that the role of the conveners will include:

  1. Identifying the topic and developing a description (to be advertised)
  2. Choosing your dates (there will have to be some coordination here so that the groups don’t overlap).
  3. Set the meetings in Zoom and send out the invitations
  4. Host the Zoom meetings (if you aren’t familiar with Zoom, it’s not all that hard and there are those who will help.  We also hope to develop a Zoom tutorial)  Note:  You do not have to have your own Zoom account to host a group.  UUCSS has one account that can be shared and is likely to purchase a second one to accommodate these groups.

Once six conveners are identified for the first session (July through September) and their topics established, we’ll set up a mechanism for folks to sign up for their desired group, again, the intent being that participants will make a commitment to continuing in their group for the full six meetings.

Remember, you can “Zoom in” from anywhere and spend time with fellow UU’s exploring various topics and enjoying rich and thoughtful conversation.

Oh…for the time being, we’re calling these groups “Web Camps.”  Pam Collins and Nikki Williams are coordinating this project (Rev. Joe has his hands full already).

If you are interested in convening a group, contact Pam Collins at collinpj@midtel.net.  If we’re going to start in July, we’ll need to get our groups set in the next few weeks, so don’t delay!