Yes! New Web Camps October 2020!

We are calling our initial Web Camps a great success, and are currently planning new ones to begin in October. We’ve tweaked Web Camps a bit, running them for four week sessions with meetings once/week. Feedback has indicated that shorter and more intense is appealing and more effective. We have also fine-tuned our categories as follows:

Spiritual Exploration – Leaders will offer studies of various spiritual paths, like meditation, journaling, and other spiritual practices. This might also include a book study from a spiritual leader.

What Does It Mean To Be a UU? – Working with the Soul Matters themes, leaders and participants will explore the intersection of their personal lives and histories with UU values.

Study Circles — These groups will form around aspects of UU values as practiced in the leader’s special area of expertise. This could also include discussion groups (similar to the Ted Talks group from the last session).

We’re looking for more leaders with interesting topics to offer, and those willing to continue on. We have so many talented friends and members!

Please contact coordinators Pam Collins or Nikki Williams with your questions or to offer a camp.
Pam Collins: or text 519.229.7402
Nikki Williams: or text 518.339.0350