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During the Covid-19 crisis, we are meeting online on Sundays at 10 a.m. See Worship for details on joining us in Zoom.

What is UU?

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Rev. Joe Cleveland

"We are all each other's gift"


Exciting RE News!

For the next year, during this exceptional time of pandemic conditions and while we consider the long term direction of our program, we will be collaborating on Religious Education with Albany UU. Click above for more information!
Brent & Linda Wilkes

A Tribute to Brent Wilkes

This tribute to Brent, who passed away on September 10, details more of his irreplaceable contribution to our congregation and to the man himself, who will be missed by so many.

October Web Camps: Updates and More!

The summer's Web Camps were a great success, so we are currently planning Web Camps that will take place once a week for four sessions during the month of October. The opportunity to sign up for Web Camps will start next week, so please look for the link in Journey Well on September 25th.

Time to Gear Up for the 2020-21 RE Program!

Families and parents, it's time to gear up for our 2020-21 RE program! For September, we’re planning an all-ages Family Chat on the theme of Renewal for Sunday, September 20, at 11:30.

Stewardship Campaign Underway

Our 2021 Stewardship Drive has begun with the announcement last week on Sunday. Members and Friends received letters in the mail this week with important facts and financial graphs related to our need.

Another Fundraiser–Perennial Plant Sale

Your presence is required on Friday, September 18th and Saturday, September 19th between 10am & 4pm when we will be having a perennial plant fair on Lawsons' front yard.

The Wayside Pulpit

We are best united not by mutual fear but by mutual hope.
—Adlai E. Stevenson