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What is UU?

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Rev. Joe Cleveland

"We are all each other's gift"


Sunday Service, June 23, 10 A.M.

Today marks the big finish of this year's General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. What is the significance of connecting with other congregations? In what way are we strengthened by being part of a faith that is larger than just one individual, one group, one congregation?

Coffee Chat, June 30: Two Steps to a New Home!

Join us for a briefing on steps we're taking toward buying the property we need for our new building and the campaign we'll launch to raise the money.
Rev. Joseph Cleveland

Rev. Joseph Cleveland: Expanding Our ‘Theological Savvy’

“We have to pass on a livable planet to our youth," says UU Saratoga minister Joseph Cleveland in a Saratoga Today profile by Saratoga Springs High School student Kristiana Briscoe.

Getting to Know … Heidi Patrice Marie

The first in a series of profiles to introduce the congregation to new and longstanding members.

The Wayside Pulpit

Music opens a path into the realm of silence.
—Josef Pieper