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Rev. Joe Cleveland

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Fall ‘White Fragility’ Study Group

Due to the interest of many who could not join in the summer white fragility study group, Rev. Joe Cleveland has scheduled another offering of the three-session study group on the New York Times bestselling book White Fragility: Why it’s So Hard for White people to Talk about Racism by Robin DiAngelo.

A Call for Humanitarian Standards for Children

It's critical that an emergency funding package in development in Congress require humanitarian standards for children in federal custody.

Save the Date for Workshop on ‘Radical Inclusion’

Plans are in the works for an October 26 workshop at the UU Congregation of Schenectady.

Capital Campaign Update

Pledge now to help us reach our Phase 1 goal.

Jars of Water for the Annual Water Communion

For the upcoming service on September 8, the Worship Team asks the congregation for assistance.

The Basics of Breeze: An Introduction

Here are the essentials you need to know to make the most of the congregation's new online directory, event calendar, and gift tracker.

The Wayside Pulpit

Racism will disappear when it’s no longer profitable
and no longer psychologically useful.
—Toni Morrison