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During the Covid-19 crisis, we are meeting online on Sundays at 10 a.m. See Worship for details on joining us in Zoom.

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Rev. Joe Cleveland

"We are all each other's gift"


Thank you, Gregg Pratt!

by Pam Collins, Board President. When I was at Albany UU, we used to give out a yearly "Unsung Hero Award." As you might imagine, we never lacked for candidates that deserved recognition; if anything, we struggled to choose just one person each year. There are varying opinions on the use of such "awards" (consider all the folks whose feelings might be hurt) so I'm glad we haven't adopted the practice, but it is important, nevertheless, to call attention to the folks who work so hard to keep UUCSS viable and strong -- especially those who are not all that visible to the congregation on a regular basis.

Honoring Our Beloved Dead

It has become an annual practice for us to honor and remember our loved ones who have died. Usually, inspired by the altar-making traditions of Dia de los Muertos and other faith traditions, we have created an altar together in our sanctuary featuring photographs of our loved ones and names written on colorful construction-paper “leaves.”

UUnmask the Goods: a UU Saratoga Fun- and Fund-raiser

Updated 10/15/20: Our on-line goods and services auction, open to the public, will take place from Friday October 30th through Saturday November 7th, followed by the evening of November 7th with an hour long zoom auction for our congregation only emceed by our own auctioneer extraordinaire, Peter Marino. PLEASE SHARE THE AUCTION LINK BELOW WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES. WE NEED TO EXPAND OUR BIDDER BASE!!!
Brent Wilkes

Honoring the Life of Brent Wilkes

An online memorial service celebrating the life of Brent Wilkes will take place Saturday, October 24, at 11:00am. The memorial service will be hosted by the UU Church of Reading, MA, and led by Reading’s minister, Rev. Hank Pierce. Please click above for information on how to join the service.

Kindness is a Breeze

It’s great to connect with each other through Zoom worship and other UU Saratoga Zoom programs for children, youth and adults, but we can also reach out to one another any day of the week via phone, email and the U.S. Postal Service — and fortunately, we have Breeze to make that easier!

New Middle School RE Programming

Our Religious Education collaboration with Albany UU is enabling us to present some new programming, especially for our older children and youth. Now is the time to register your children! Click above for more information.

The Wayside Pulpit

In a dark time, the eye begins to see.
—Theodore Roethke